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Ready to grow your business? Start finding new customers with targeted, accurate mailing lists, email databases and leads.

we offer Mailing Lists, Sales Leads, and Marketing Services That Deliver Your Message. Reach decision makers, buyers, consumers in your target markets. Research more than 200 million business people or home owners for information including titles, job functions, biographies, job histories, and more. Get access to more than 200 million contacts with e-mail addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, fax numbers, address. With Hoover’s, you can uncover opportunities, tap new markets, and streamline prospecting. We will work with you to understand what your business can and can’t do so we can fill the gaps while providing you and your team with the support that they need.

For 5 years, hundreds of businesses have relied on Marketing 365 to help target and acquire new customers, grow their sales, clean and update their databases, and make business credit decisions. Marketing 365 compiles the most up-to-date marketing lists and sales leads containing powerful, in-depth demographic information. We make it easy to reach potential customers with our complete direct mail and email marketing services, which include everything from the targeted list to the design and delivery. All databases contains records contains attributes such as First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Country, Phone, Email Address, Fax Numbers, Postal Address, City, State, Zip Code, Business Category, Official Website URL, Business details etc .our email lists are 100% opt-in, deliverable, and CAN-SPAM compliant.

  • Grab Latest Offers on Leads Marketing 365. Apply Coupons during checkout to avail huge discounts. Our monthly Digital Marketing plans start at $200 for unlimited email marketing and Data analytics services and solutions.
  • Email Marketing – Maximized for Results, High accuracy rates! We want to help you grow your business. Whether you’re sending an email newsletter, a special offer or an invitation, email marketing and social media deliver your message and help get your business grow.
  • Custom Websites and SEO Packages, Technology services and Data analytics services. We can even design your emails and landing page for demo purposes.
  • We’ve made it easy for you to get started with tailored audiences. Reach businesses and home owners throughout the World, Take advantage of our one-time ,monthly programs.

target-audience-2-xxlBusiness Marketing – Reach the perfect audience

* Looking for a low cost, or almost “no cost” way to market your business? If you’re just starting out or you’re running a business after coming home from your “real” job, you’ll be interested in the tools, Email databases, Leads and Services to market your business .* Get started Business Marketing with Our Email Databases . We Offer these on low cost to use on personal and commercial projects.

Reach Your Target Audience : We’ve made it easy for you to get started with tailored audiences , some of them listed below –

Consumers (100 + Countries ), Business (180 + Countries ), Websites, Construction & Contractors , Loan,  Corporates, Doctors, Dentists, Photographers, Music industry, IT Industry, General Lists, Student, IT Professionals, Social Networking ( Facebook (with URL), Twitter, YouTube),  Advertising and Media Databases, Automotive Related Data, Clothing and Accessories, Company Top Lists Data, Computers and Tech Data, Education Data, Entertainment and Leisure Databases, Financial Services Data, Food and Drink, Accountants, Architects, Construction, Churches, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Hotels, Insurance Agents Manufacturers, Media Agents, Real Estate Agents and Land Developers, Restaurants, Schools, IT Consultants Doctor and Hospitals, Banks, Business to business, Food retail and service, Travel, Sports, Health & Medicine, Legal & Financial, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Merchants (Retail)  etc.

If your business has struggled with email marketing before, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Countless business are generating a tremendous amount of revenue via this channel and we’ll help you do that too.

info_512_1467016945Sales Leads & Mailing Lists Information

We offer almost all Fresh 2017 Worldwide Countries Business and Consumer Email Databases and We have a number of products and services that we offer to help you grow your business, our email lists are 100% opt-in, deliverable, and CAN-SPAM compliant.

Information in records: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Country, Phone, Email Address, Fax Numbers, Postal Address, City, State, Zip Code, Business Category, Official Website URL, Business details etc .

Created/Updated:  2017

Available Data-Base Formats:  MS-Excel, CSV, Text

Delivery Rate:  We clean, update and enhance our databases on daily basis so we guarantee more then 97% delivery rate.

How We Compile and Verify Our Data : We gather our information from a multitude of directory and event-driven sources, including new business filings, daily utility connections, press releases, corporate
websites, annual reports, user-generated feedback, and thousands of U.S. and Canadian Yellow Page directories. And because we maintain an intimate knowledge
of our sources and complete control over our compilation processes, we’re able to continually improve our methods to ensure the best data possible.

Marketing  365 offers only the most current email lists to help you. Our Email database is updated and is constantly checked for accuracy. we only offer the best.

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